Ali Haydar Yeşilyurt


Ali Haydar Yesilyurt

In 2016 I got MBA degree form Cardiff Metropolitan University (London School of Commerce). My Dissertation’s title was “Next generation ‘filmmaking’: new markets, new methods and new business models”.

I have made two short movies – first, “Rose is Dying”, in 2010, in Istanbul and “Snapshot Love” four years later, in 2014, in London

I have several documentary photo projects performed around the world including “Dear India” (2009), “Heart of Africa” (2013), "America" (2022) and "Vas Bien Cuba" (2023). The most important project “Face of Europe” is still ongoing – photos of everyday street life of 24 European countries.

During my career I have worked with many world-known people – portraits of Tony Blair, Claudia Cardinale, Fazil Say are among my works.

My work has been exhibited in several countries, the last personal exhibition took place in 2015 in Warsaw in Faculty of Media Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Artworks exhibited during this exhibition were printed as hard cover book.

My work has gained several international awards. In 2010 my project “Face of Europe” has been awarded by PhotoWorld Academy as “The best international social documentary photo project