Ali Haydar Yeşilyurt


Ali Haydar Yesilyurt is processing the light he captures in the dark like a twinkle.
Prof. Sabit Kalfagil
Head of the Department of Photography at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts
In his own words, Haydar presents Cuba, "the land of brave and virtuous heroes", with photographs, each of which tells their own story. When I look at every photo, I feel like I am on the streets of the country I have visited many times. Latin melodies are carried to my ears, the smell of crushed mint comes to my nose. Ali Haydar Yeşilyurt's approach to photography adds a new dimension to our photographic experience. Bless your soul, brother.
Coşkun Aral
War photo journalist and Documentary Film producer
I remember my conversation with Ara Güler on Ali Haydar Yesilyurt's "Face of Europe" project. The master of Turkish photography, Ara Güler, after seeing the photos in this project said: "This boy has a fabulous talent for composition (...) (.) Ali Haydar Yesilyurt is among one of those human beings who are born to be photographers. He continues his works following the footprints of Sebastião Salgado and Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Nadir Ede
(..) By looking at the faces in "Face of Europe", it is possible to see the movement of time which is independent from the mankind (...) The individual who created the "motion" is on the verge of losing his own memory due to individualism (..) Yesilyurt's facial maps shape our journey for meanings, and leads to direct readings through his critical references to the Age of Enlightenment of Europe. Yet, he is not questioning, preferring to remain silent. (...) Photograph, one of the most difficult disciplines of art, is created in the shortest unit of time and without repetition. Taking into account this fact, Ali Haydar Yesilyurt deserves a huge applause. It shall not be easy to turn his lens, "the gun barrel" as identified by Roland Barthes, to the faces of Europeans.
Nail Özlüsoylu
Curator, Academician
(...) Ali Haydar, is flourishing even more with his humility... Please follow him closely.
Ibrahim Zaman
Photography Artist
Ali Haydar Yesilyurt was our guest of honour during the PhotoWorld Photography Days with his "Face of Europe" exhibition in our center... (.) Yesilyurt, percieves very well the contrast sensitivities while positioning his subject matter in the frame.. (...) "Face of Europe" is pulling us into the quadrage with the magical melting of light, theme, composition and moment of decision...
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Murat Gür
Founder of Turkey Photography Foundation