Ali Haydar Yeşilyurt


Kim bu Çocuk ?

I never responded any writing offers from my curators in my national or international exhibitions. Including my book published by Warsaw Fine Arts University in 2016, actually, I evaded ther all by saying "All my words are in my photos.

Chad is different. Neither London where I lived nor Paris where I ply between, Rome where / admire, India where I am filled with the sun, changed and directed my life as Africa have ever done. I realized that all my concerns before this trip were not real concerns for me.

The geography, which electricity is supplied only for four hours to 1,5% of the population, has villages of which gold mines are exploited for years by imperial powers through ages, and in which civil wars made them fight each other. Terrified, screaming faces as you have never seen before.….

When you open a map, Chad stands in the middle of Africa. That's why, in the beginning of my trip, I thought that I was going to the core of Africa. And when I was returning, I thought I was leaving the heart of Africa behind. I don't know if I can reach up to the fineness of Diane Arbus. As a photographer who took so many lessons from the dignity of connections she got with her models, I yearn for finding the beauty in the notion called "the other" I am searching for snowdrops in the coldest time of the winter. Every color I see is my paternal sibling...