Ali Haydar Yeşilyurt


Who is this Kid ?

A better world is possible and we can build it through storytelling. As a Director of Photography, I am an artist and passionate visionary. I'm looking to tell human centric stories that advance social, economic and environmental justice on a local and national level.

I specialize in documentary storytelling, combining field producing with cinematography to create dynamic, living, and immersive films. I work with clients to create media from the ground up that moves individuals and communities to action. I have worked across the industry-- filming on the front lines of protests for national campaigns to shooting commercial pieces in cozy studios for small businesses.

I have been internationally recognized for my work highlighting Climate Change, and nationally recognized for work I have produced on immigrant justice. In 2021 and 2022, my work for the Department of Veteran's Affairs won platinum and gold at the Hermes Creative Awards.

As a human, I invest locally, I love running, theatre and cake. On any given day I can be seen walking my dog Poe or biking the Mt. Vernon trail.